Gootchi Basket Handbags

Looking for something to bring out an Elegant Vibe to your outfit? 

We Design Fabulously Embellished Creative Basket Handbags you should look at!

Handmade Luxurious Artisanal Accessory  

What is a Gootchi Basket?

Home of the Original Gootchi Basket Tote Handbag!

Gootchi Basket Handbags are luxurious, artisanal handbags handcrafted in Cape Town - South Africa.

With excellent craftsmanship by our skilled artisans, each handbag is a one-of-a-kind design using unique detailing, passementerie, exquisite fabrics and other materials.

Passementerie* is what gives each of our Gootchi Basket Handbags their own custom design. It is where tassels and trims are the star of the show! This artful accessory can enrich any outfit and make it looks Oh-So-Fabulous!

Did you know that by adding a showy accessory to your daily outfit, can make you feel more self-assured, more powerful, more confident and at ease to make you feel on top of the world!

We love the fun and unique design of each bag when it is paired with the use of luxury designed textiles to create a form of wearable art. On some bags, it is where modern fibers meet ethnic traditional prints from all over Africa.

It is also worth mentioning that the purchase of the embellished bags that are decorated with African Seed Beads, sees the artisans receive a percentage of the proceeds. It is our way of giving back to support the local community! This collaboration is with iKamva Labantu Charitable Trust, a non- profit organization in Cape Town. Ikamva is committed to creating sustainable socio-economic change in Cape Town's township communities. Please visit, they would welcome your support.

As each Gootchi Basket Handbag is custom embellished no two are the same! If a particular item is out of stock, and you would like that design, send us a message, and we will do our best to create something similar. 

*Due to the delicate nature of some of the silk passementerie used - it is best to use these handbags for special occasions*

Some Gootchi Baskets are on consignment in various stores in Cape Town - please call to check on availability first before placing your on-line order: +27 (60)476-5633. We strive to keep the website's inventory updated on a regular basis.

                                                         MEDIA ARTICLE

Please paste the following link into your browser to read our interview with Musa Creativa Magazine. Published November 2020.

'Oh my gootchi these are gorgeous'

Party Decor Hire

'Stunning - so bohochic!'


'Your Gootchi bags are hard to choose, you want them all. Each one is a piece of art!'

Rebel Earth - Capetown

Fabulous baskets, excellent workmanship & speedy service. Just Love mine


How Gootchi Baskets got it's name...

Gootchi Baskets


Why on earth would this rather unusual rhyme pop back in my head and jolt me out of my sleep?

Coming back home to live in South Africa after living abroad for 37 years, has bought back a flood of wonderful childhood memories.

This was a story that was read to me in my childhood years growing up in Kenya. Believe it not, the entire rhyme was the full name of a small Chinese boy, slightly modified from the original by the way I remembered it from my childhood. Interestingly, the name means:

'the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world'.

When creating each of my Gootchi baskets, it brings me into a happy zone where I experience the most wonderful feeling in the whole wide world! I love working with mixed media and when I saw these baskets, I knew that had found my niche to work with them along with incorporating other African materials and local crafts into the design.

In keeping with the moral of the original story i.e. to keep things short - I chose the cute fun name Gootchi, as this best describes the nature of these fun and lively baskets. It also presents a rather interesting play on the more famous fashion brand. 

Proudly presenting the Original Gootchi Basket Collection.

Here's to childhood memories and new creations...

que sera sera!


A variety of Gootchi Baskets are proudly showcased at :

Birds of a Feather -  Constantia.

The Gift Shop at Tintswalo Atlantic - Hout Bay.

Collection:  By appointment

25 Scott Road, Hout Bay, 7806 - Cape Town


9am - 5pm